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ABOUT the Club

Cuba Bay Hunt Club consists of 2,900 acres located in Southwestern Madison County, Florida. It was started in 1990 and was the first hunting club in North Florida. We primarily hunt deer and turkey; however, small game is available, along with some wild hogs. Our goal is to have a family-oriented club that allows for safe, peaceful hunting. No camping is allowed on the property.

The Club is located along CR 150 in Madison County, approximately 18 miles north of Perry and 35 miles east of Tallahassee. The "Member Information" tab provides visual positioning along with a layout of flagging lots. The "Gallery" tab includes pictures of the property, Member's harvests, Club cookouts and a few harvest data files.


social events

We usually have two formal social events each year: an Annual Meeting and a Fall Cookout.

Our Annual Meeting is held the second Saturday in June each year. For this summer meeting, we have a fish fry with members bringing side dishes and deserts. As mentioned, this event serves as our Annual Meeting, which means that reports are given on the Club, rules are discussed, and Board Member elections are held.

The Fall Cookout takes place on the second Saturday of Muzzleloader Season. We appeal to a bow hunter to provide a doe for the cookout, quota charged to the Club. We cook venison at this meeting, and the members provide the sides.

Our social events are designed for the whole family. As stated in our bylaws, there is no alcohol allowed on Club property or our social events. These events provide an opportunity for members to get to know each other and are vital to the successful operation of the Club.


a bit more history

When we first began considering forming a hunting club, Foley Timber and Lands had a 3,000 acre parcel near Eridu, FL, and they leased it to us on a trial basis. Over the years, we have had as many as 12,500 acres and, due to property sales, have leased from several landowners. The property we now have joins our original lease but does not include it.

Thank you for visiting the Cuba Bay Hunt Club website. Get to know us better and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can find our Board Member's phone numbers and email addresses in the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.

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